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Southgate Medallion Family Day Homes is a leader in providing high quality child care and early learning in safe and enriching home settings—serving Edmonton, Morinville and Beaumont! 


Southgate Family Day Homes opened on November 1, 1982, formed by owners Joyce Backstrom and Carole Kosteriva. With a focus on excellence in child care and a belief in the nurturing value of smaller, home-based settings, the agency quickly grew to become one of the largest day home agencies in Alberta.


Southgate Family Day Homes quickly took the lead in setting new standards for family day homes across the province such as First Aid Requirements, non-smoking environments and training for child care providers. Carole, as head of the Training Committee of the Alberta Association of Family Child Care, supervised the development of "Step Ahead Training" for family child care providers across Alberta.


Following the purchase of Medallion Family Day Homes, the agency's name was changed to Southgate Medallion Family Day Homes. Our commitment to excellence in child care and early learning remains strong today. 


Along with our dedicated team of consultants and day home providers, we are proud to serve the Edmonton area. Let us help you find quality child care near your home, work or school!





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