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Child Care Fees


The agency has a recommended fee schedule. As self employed individuals, day home educators can set their own fees. Parents pay child care fees directly to the agency. Educators are paid monthly by direct deposit.


                     For information on current child care fees, please contact us



$10 a Day Childcare

Changes are coming to how you will be paying your childcare fees.  If you qualify, your fees will now be divided into several ways - Subsidy (if you are eligible),  Affordability Grant (if your child is attending more than 50 hours) and Parent Portion see below for links for further details

Provincial Subsidy


The Government of Alberta provides subsidy to help eligible families with the cost of child care. Subsidy rates vary based on family income and the age of children attending child care.  Click here​ to see the rates for subsidy from the Alberta Government


You can apply for subsidy if:

  • You or your spouse/partner, or the child receiving care are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and live in Alberta;

  • You or your spouse/partner are an Alberta resident;

  • Your children are 6 years of age or younger and are not yet attending Kindergarten;

  • You and your spouse/partner are currently working, attending school, looking for work or have special needs; OR

  • You or your spouse/partner stay-at-home and have your child(ren) enrolled in a licensed pre-school or approved early childhood development program.


For more information on child care subsidy, see the Government of Alberta website links below:


                    Subsidy Calculator 

                    Apply For Subsidy

                    Information about Subsidy



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